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We are proud to represent:

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Heartell 1.jpg
Heartell Press

Letterpress and indigo printed greeting cards, postcards, art prints,and Generous Kitchen Towels made to offer and honor human connection.

LUCCA 2_edited.jpg
Lucca Paperworks

"Vintage art rescue" greeting cards inspired by their decades old vintage ephemera collection. A favorite theme is animals, especially cats, acting as humans

Magic lamp 1_edited.jpg
Magic Lamps

Made by hand in Canada, these lamps rotate by the heat of the small bulb. They offer many delightful themes.

Flying Rabbit 1_edited.jpg
Margot Curran - Flying Rabbit

Notecards and postcards featuring painted portraits of the animal members of their families.

Nelda 1.jpg
Nelda-Vintage Images & Glitter

With a nod to the Victorian tradition of decorating Christmas cards, Nelda brings a modern and year around version of sparkle and humor with vintage images and fine glass glitter to greeting cards, chocolate bars, enclosures and more.

Peace Project

Our small projects to encourage listening and conversations to find common ground and peaceful solutions to human problems.

Pear Tree STudio 1_edited.jpg
Pear Tree Studio

A collaborative group of local New Hampshire women who design and make delightful animals from recycled sweaters.

Petits Mots

Finely drawn and printed designs on paper and fabrics. Notecards, notepads, tea towels, totes, and tee shirts.

Red Horseshoe 4.jpg
Red Horseshoe 

Purveyor of notebooks that are delightful on the inside and outside and punch card games.

SKEEM 1 _cs.jpg
Skeem Design

Beautifully and thoughtfully designed match bottles, candles, citronella goods, perfumes, palo santo, and more. Products that are made to live beyond their original purpose.

Stoneheart DianeHanna 2.jpg
Stoneheart & Company

Diane Hanna's Story Pictures combine photographs and drawings with an original prose poem, single word or declaration. Simply but beautifully presented in a 4" x 6" glass frame.

Studio Lupino 1.jpg
Studio Lupino

Julie Scott's stitched notecards with words and quotes from people like Mary Oliver, Rumi, John Lewis and Leonard Cohen are typed with a vintage typewriter. The notecards feel like a page from a cherished notebook.

vintage fish 1_edited.png
Vintage Fish Company/Journals

Two handsome journals with details for people who love to fish and enjoy the outdoors. Offered in two styles, freshwater and saltwater.

Kei&Molly 2 ©Merriam260.jpg
Kei & Molly Textiles

Founded in 2010 as a social enterprise, Kei and Molly textiles creates folk-inspired, hand printed textile products, flour sack towels, napkins, totes, etc., to support good jobs for immigrants and refugees in their community. They use only eco-friendly, water-based inks on natural fibers.

Flying Bird 1_edited.jpg
Flying Bird Botanicals

Organic teas and drinking chocolates in lovely tins, hand crafted in Bellingham, WA.

Daphne 4_edited.jpg
Daphne Confar

Notecards and postcards of regular folks painted and titled with humor and love.

Keep the Faye

A collection of Faye Passow's greeting cards with her detailed art, wondrous humor and understanding of human nature.

ceci cela 1_edited.jpg

From their Minnesota studio, a wonderful collection of "this and that" includes artisan handmade incense, color therapy bracelets, seed packets, pocket mirrors and more.

LisaB 1 camel socks_edited.jpg
lisa b 

A thoughtful collection of classically inspired socks, shoes, slippers, and cotton knits.

Dandy Lion 1_edited.jpg
Dandy Lion Press

Letterpress greeting cards and notepads featuring detailed designs of flora and fauna, both actual and imaginary.

emergency clown nose 1.jpg
Emergency Clown Nose Company

Clown noses tucked into a medicine jar, to encourage the healing power of laughter.

LeeAnn Everyday Artifacts 2.jpg
Everyday Artifact

Words and pictures printed onto sterling silver necklaces and earrings, creating meaningful, minimal and personal gifts.

LeeAnn Herreid Individual Icons 2_edited.jpg
LeeAnn Herreid - Individal Icons

Functional, directional jewelry made from sterling silver and stainless steel.

Everyday Blend.jpeg
Ashes & Wine

Tub Tea sachets are oversized tea bags filled with the highest quality dried herbs, flowers and citrus peels. They create a delicious and sensual experience when dropped into the bath or used in a shower.

Local Wisdom Cards

Greeting cards created with cut and paste collage, featuring quotes and timeless truths.

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